Is part time work is essential for students studying in universities?

Working along with learning is one of the growing workspace cultures that have been processing at a huge level across different countries. Nearly 40%-50% of students enrolled in University working professionally to accommodate necessities, food, and household bills in order to cover the cost of living. Through this blog post, we are going to evaluate data which enumerate reason behind increasing part-time job workers and what are the positive and negative aspects of it.

For many years the idea of working with education has become trendy often daunting in a few cases. Tackling two bigger areas of professional sector once at a time could become hectic and adventurous both. The whole thing depends on time management skills and energy level that is needed for further academic processes. For some students especially those who are at margin line of poverty or little upwards need to work after college hours to help them to bring the amenities. However, in a few cases, students seek employment to meet the educational goals which they set up early. In a nutshell, adding skills set in their academic profile is all that students dream and focus on continually adding it. 
To balance job and study need extra efforts. It can seem overwhelming to join the company during colleges but if you considering going back to work then early morning in colleges may seem little hectic. There are always some pros and cons anything so it same lies with working part-time. In the later section, we have listed some pros and cons of participation in part-time jobs in daily life-


Studies show that students who work are more confident and possess better time management skills than other students. Planning out a college budget will avail most of the students in forming ledger and how to use debts to fulfill amenities. Let’s have a closer look at some benefits-

· Working during college day’s aid extensive job experience that may result in good placement after college years. Most of the online and offline company provide valuable opportunities and make you much more competitive among other students. Some internship can pay while students reach to finish the degree. 

· Working during college days teaches you management skills that will benefit students in coping with the customer at the workspace. There is a huge difference in working in college guys and professional expertise. Assisting in the presence of highly qualified experts will teach you how to adapt real-life consequences beyond college zone. 

· There is n number of benefits students having years of experiences achieve than who are simply engrossed in the books. Students may qualify for benefits such as vacation and sick time. The part-time job also produces a platform to analyze the technical skills and learning the marketing skills which are applicable not the part of books.

· Administrative representative wants to find out the candidate who is well qualified and well experienced both. A large number of students’ achieve qualification during tier college days and gaining experiences often force them to become a part of the real world. Boshoven says. "Employers can write excellent recommendation letters for students who have worked for them."


Working a part-time job has always been a culture of several universities. University students involved in part-time employment have been the focus of studies in the UK for several years. It might be seen that full-time workers have to do work in extraneous amount imposingly lead to the stress level. A few negative aspects are discussed in a later section-

· The popularity of part-time job decreased the school success which results in dropping out entirely. Working long hours can also limit opportunities to build friendships and explore interests that enhance intellectual and emotional development. Somewhere it makes a student life full of stress.

· It is found that students doing the part-time job have to work more than 15 hours in a day which leaves lesser time to them to work on other areas. All of the combined initiatives have the potential can impact health in a great manner. 

· Part time job is not easy to balance. After long deeds hours, barely a student opens his/her book and start practices questionnaire again, these all things lead to ambiguity in concepts that may in return affect the grades.


Woking part-time job can help you to expertise those areas which need good management skills, but since it consume long hours of students’ daily life; it has found that other tasks and academic grades are affected at wide range. So it mandatory for students to realize their potential and how to form an equilibrium with part-time jobs and study both. 


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